Class Description

    •        Isolations
    •        Stretching
    •        Core training

Introduction to the DIET Method
    •        Originator – Moncell Durden
    •        DIET
    •        Creates foundation/tools to develop Hip-Hop movement

Introduction to social dances
    •        Past
    •        Present                
    •        Future

Executing 5 to 10 skills of social dancing
    •        Combination
    1.    Reciting the name of the skill during execution

Applying the DIET method to the movement
    •        Dialogue

Cool down
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I feel that the responsibility of an instructor
isto educate and encourage students to have a
greater work ethic and an endless thirst for
knowledge of their craft. Having a tangible
experience with established artists gives
students a chance to create a relationship and
gain a mentor who will provide them with
career advice about higher education,
representation, and training.  

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Duane Lee
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